Shem is not amused by Qeriah's new hobby. Shem's anger makes him short-circuit. Shem reverts to his rawer form.
In Update #21, "Mother May I? Part 2", we learn that while Shem 'Etzem's holy form may easily defeat the Bavel Macrostructure’s minions, it’s no match for Em Qeriah’s lack of seriousness. Will Shem’s hair-trigger temper prevent him from becoming the Evaluator of Names? While this issue mostly continues the arguments and power struggles among the rising generation of Holy Tongue Society leadership and the old, it also shows how Shem can revert from his powerful, holy שום form back to his still-powerful, but baser עצם form. Adam comes up for a good reason at the end of this update. Get ready to learn more in the next update! (By the way, this webcomic will discontinue the numerical "Episode" system where some episodes last for multiple updates. While the next update would technically be Episode 16, this website's formatting plus ones like Webtoon and Tapas make the old system archaic. We'll just stick to numbering according to updates.) Other news Although it's not fully implemented, we updated the Wordpress theme to Toocheke Premium, which will allow us to use more Patreon and WooCommerce integration. If you've noticed that the site was slower recently, it's because we were trying to implement those features. I'm hoping to ask around to figure out a way to have the site run reasonably quickly plus have our own online store and bonus webpages for Patreon subscribers only. By the way, please sign up for my Patreon! Even a dollar a month adds up... Also, keep checking our wiki for updates. I've been adding beta sections to the Milhamah RPG storytelling game, plus there are all sorts of details about the comic there. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope to bring more updates soon!


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Metivah Holy Tongue Academy

The Metivah Academy is the Holy Tongue Society's base.   Metivah is the seat of domestic defense and government for ‘Aravot’s state of Medinat Bet. And the Metivah Holy Tongue Academy is a palace shrine that used to be the Shrine of the Book in a prior age. It still houses the Dead Sea Scrolls, including the Milhamah Scroll. As a result, the academy is now a research school for military tactics and speech acts. It also trains and lodges members of the Holy Tongue Society, as well as imprisons POWs from the Bavel Macrostructure. The Metivah Holy Tongue Academy comes from the בית shoresh family, which governs lodgings, the letter bet, inmates, schools and religious academies. メティヴァーは、アラヴォト国のベット州の国内防衛および政府の本拠地です。 その聖舌アカデミーは、ミルハマースクロールを収容し、軍事戦術を研究し、聖舌協会の会員を訓練し、バベルマクロ構造からの捕虜を投獄する昔の聖書館という宮殿の神殿です。

Psychotic Shroom Caseworker

The Caseworker has a Tumor Rope.The Caseworker has a Tumor Rope. The Psychotic Shroom Caseworker is the case of a hippie therapist who enjoys his stash of psychedelic leaves and mushrooms too much! This informant for the Bavel Macrostructure poses as a minder of suspected dissidents. When he judges traitors as mental misfits, he straitjackets them with his Tumor Rope so the regime can brainwash them with hallucinogens. But because he too has overindulged in those drugs, his own brains are scrambled to the point of madness, and he risks being fired. The Psychotic Shroom Caseworker is powered by the טפר shoresh family, which governs caseworkers, leaves, mushrooms, madness, tumors, ropes and termination. 精神病のキノコのケースワーカーは、サイケデリックスの葉とキノコの隠し場所を楽しんでいるヒッピーセラピストの場合です。 バベルマクロ構造に関するこの情報提供者は、反体制派の容疑者の補佐官を装っています。 彼が裏切り者を精神的な不適合と判断するとき、彼は彼の腫瘍ロープで彼らを拘束し、政権が幻覚剤で彼らを洗脳できるようにします。 しかし、彼もそれらの薬を使いすぎているので、彼自身の脳は狂気の点までスクランブルされており、彼は解雇される危険があります。

Batim Residential District

  The Batim is home to lots of Holy Tongue Society members in Medinat Bet. The Batim Residential District is a dense neighborhood in ‘Aravot’s state of Bet. When missiles fly, civilian families huddle to the safety of their quaint (and heavily fortified) homes, lodgings, schools and houses of worship. Several Holy Tongue Society members grew up in the Batim, and some still return here while off-duty to reminisce of simpler times. The Batim is powered by the בות shoresh family, which governs houses, families, schools, temples, lodging and returning. In Japanese: バティム住宅地区は、アラヴォト国のベット州にある密集した近所です。 ミサイルが飛ぶとき、民間の家族は彼らの趣のある(そして非常に要塞化された)家、宿泊施設、学校、そして礼拝所の安全に群がります。 何人かの聖舌協会の会員はバティムで育ちました、そして何人かはより単純な時代を思い出させるために非番である間まだここに戻ります。    

Bungalow Byte

The Bungalow Byte stores mysterious things.

Watch out for the Bungalow Byte’s bite!

This untamed block of corrupted data storage lurks around Bavel Gates, especially in ‘Aravot’s state of Medinat Bet. The Byte usually moves as a bloc in a “bet” formation, shaped like the Hebrew letter. But it can also separate into bungalow-shaped “bits” that swarm around and attack their target. Its true origins are unknown, though rumors say it’s a backfired cyberattack with domestic origins.

The Bungalow Byte’s powers comes from the בות shoresh family, which deal with homes, domesticity, bytes the letter bet, and returning.


Aḥi Iḥui

Ahi Ahui is a coordinator for the Holy Tongue Society. Aḥi Iḥui, the linguistic coordinator, is the nephew of Agent Śoreq Qisshur. Iḥui acts like a tagalong kid brother to the rest of the Holy Tongue Society. His favorite hangout is the Sheqaq Marketplace in Mattanah City. Quick healing and strong bones propel him to risk rough-and-tumble action, and he proudly wears his temporary stitches while he’s on the mend. Meanwhile, his fusion-powered footwear helps him stick to walls, and he fights monk style with a Nuclear Needle. He is fascinated by Shem ‘Etzem’s research into otiyot recombination. Aḥi Iḥui’s power comes from the אחי shoresh family, which governs brotherhood, siblings, nephews, fusion, stitching, recombination and more.