About Milḥamah

“Milḥamah” is a satirical webcomic series themed around the abuse of speech, the search for truth and a plethora of puns.

Not far in the future, humanity has finally said all that there is to say. Casting aside their rituals and religions, many people worship the dictionary to find new meaning. But factions argue over definitions and break out in war.

The dystopian Bavel Empire and its socially conscious dictator, Beli Ya’al, promise a new era of peace under the inclusive mission of “one language, few words.”

From its colossal broadcasting tower, Bavel bans enough vocabulary to quell rebellious thoughts. Then it brainwashes the masses into a frenzied army, which dissolves every government on earth.

Only a small band of radicals, the Holy Tongue Society (Ḥeleq), holds its ground while besieged beneath the ruins of the former Shrine of the Book in Jerusalem.

As an apocalyptic battle nears, the last dissenters prepare to weaponize their words and speak boldly. But who is listening?