An Oreg spins webs. We spin a web update!

The Oreg's destiny is woven in quarantine.

If you think the world’s quarantine is dragging on, tell it to the oreg!

The oreg is a weaver bird who lives in the Holy Tongue Society’s Oger Reservoir. Many oregs perch themselves on an old lazaretto ship in the middle of the reservoir lake. They spin together webs around the ship in order to trap prisoners that the Society has quarantined — slanderous social lepers who are dangerous to the outside world!

To protect themselves from contagion, oregs wear plague doctor masks that the Society distributes. The birds are able to spin webs due to special feet that look and act like spiders. That said, the feet are neither sentient nor truly spiders.

Oregs are helpful to the Society, both as jailers and for their webs, which are good for netting and catching debris. However, people are wise to keep an arm’s distance. The birds can be very territorial over their webs.

Update: Check out the new website!

Over the weekend, we have revamped the “Milhamah” website to actually resemble a webcomic site and not just an outdated blog! Much thanks to the staff at Toocheke who designed the new theme. Eventually I might get the premium version that has more WooCommerce and Patreon integration. But for now, it looks so much cleaner and user-friendly than the previous default WordPress theme we had.

Now the comics are front and center on the home page. Prior to the update, the comics were strewn all over the site, and not all of them were even readable on the old Comics tab! I had to reload them onto the site to get them in proper order, but now they work.

In addition, I added a Wiki tab that doubles as an About page. The wiki is an ongoing project, no doubt, and I’ll keep working on it to make it look sleek and professional. Feel free to get lost in it, if you dare!

In addition, I added a Vote tab that links to the Top Web Comics site. Please vote for “Milhamah” every day, so we can keep building up a reader base!

The last big addition to the site is the new Forum. For now, it’s just an experiment to see if we can build a critical mass of people who will keep visiting the site to talk about the geeky interests that fascinate us at Aksanyah Studios: comics, games, anime, linguistics, tech and more. Visit the forum, read the posting rules, and don’t be shy — join!

In the future, I hope to resolve a couple of tiny theme glitches and then work on ways to perhaps gamify the “Milhamah” online experience and make it even more rewarding. The end goal is to make the site “sticky” and a haven from the big social media companies, which have the power to manipulate and throttle your reach and platform.

But don’t worry. I’m shifting gears to finish a couple of major “Milhamah” character designs, while alternating on new comic panels. First the website revamp; next, the comic!