‘Ir Risshum Townspeople (Inktober Day 15)

'Ir Risshum Townspeople

The ‘Ir Risshum Townspeople are background characters who are examples of the Bavel Macrostructure’s model citizens.

Their habits come from the עור shoresh root and family. When it comes to fashion, exposed skin and leather are trendy. The “good life” means being awake and aroused at all times. Loud music drowns out clever conversation or free thought. And some citizens even blind themselves to enhance their other sensations.

These two invaders are profaning ‘Ir Risshum, the former holy city of Yerushalayim (Jerusalem). If anything inspires the Holy Tongue Society to retake the city, it’s this.

‘Anawah Tenu’ah (Inktober Day 14)

'Anawah Tenu'ah is the vowel.

‘Anawah Tenu’ah is the vowel in “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” She is a member of the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement’s Department of Phonology, and she oversees air combat operations.

Based on the נוע shoresh root and its family, Tenu’ah sends kinetic vibration shock waves at enemies. A backpack motor engine amplifies her super speed. She also wields a rattling sistrum as a weapon.

Tenu’ah is a motivational leader who makes grand gestures. She loves to join mass movements, but her desire to help others is motivated by guilt over secret past misdeeds. And while she’s always on the go, she dreams a day when she can simply hide away at home.

Demeh (Inktober Day 13)

Demeh is the dummy word.Demeh, the phantasmic virtual mime, is a minion that the Bavel Macrostructure deploys against scofflaws and tax evaders. It rolls in on a modified bogus machine, which projects a wireframe image to frighten the enemy. But while this ghost is a dummy, it’s no joke. It assimilates its targets’ data, mirrors their appearance and then silences them with mimic attacks!

The Demeh is based on the linguistic concept of a dummy word, and its powers are based on the דמי shoresh root and its broader family. Look forward to its appearance in “Milhamah” Issue #3, as well as upcoming video games!


Delt (Inktober Day 12)

Delt represents the letter dalet.

Delt is the door fish who is the guardian and representation of the letter dalet (ד). It’s one of the original animals who Adam named in the garden, and its job was to take him wherever he wanted to go.

Delt is based on the דלת shoresh family. When it opens the doors along its body, fish may enter a gateway portal. When they leave the portal, they mysteriously multiply into massive schools of fish as they exit.

Look forward to seeing Delt in vector form soon, as well as in the next comic update. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to making another Holy Tongue Society character for Inktober soon!

Nun (Inktober Day 11)

Nun is the serpent fish who represents the 14th letter.

Nun is the serpent fish who is the embodiment the letter nun (נ), the 14th letter of the ‘Ivrit alphabet. He was initially one of the animals in the garden that Adam named, along with Gaml and Qop.

Based on the נון shoresh root, Nun not only represents fish but also posterity (particularly great-grandchildren). That’s why he bites on a pacifier while baby eels surround him. His candle-lit halo signifies enlightenment, and his rotting vestigal tail signifies degeneration. The paradox of the last two attributes are the hallmarks of this slippery eel who — tempting to say — appears to be more than he seems.

After Inktober I’ll turn Nun into vector art since he’ll appear in the next comic update. But for now, more B&W previews ahead!