Pelë Po’al (Inktober Day 17)

Pelë Po'al is the verb.

Pelë Po’al is the verb part of speech in “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” He was a stuntman actor for the Bavel Macrostructure’s propaganda machine. But he went on strike after not getting paid enough for jumping off Bavel’s  Migdal Tower. Once blacklisted, he illegally emigrated into ‘Ivrit territory, became an activist and worked his way up the ranks in the Holy Tongue Society.

Based on the פעל shoresh root and broader family, Po’al spends all his effort being a working class hero. He wraps himself in a flag of solidarity. His butt expands when he unleashes power, and that also cushions him from steep falls.

Po’al’s fighting style is daring and reckless. He crams lots of actions into a short amount of time. But he often errs by applying the Labor Theory of Value to battles. So he vainly toils away at hopeless situations until he grows feeble and faints.

Some Society members are skeptical of Po’al due to his focus on works over orthodoxy. Meanwhile, Po’al sees Shem ‘Etzem as a rival who is too rigid in his ways. Can the two eventually form a dynamic duo?

Demeh (Inktober Day 13)

Demeh is the dummy word.Demeh, the phantasmic virtual mime, is a minion that the Bavel Macrostructure deploys against scofflaws and tax evaders. It rolls in on a modified bogus machine, which projects a wireframe image to frighten the enemy. But while this ghost is a dummy, it’s no joke. It assimilates its targets’ data, mirrors their appearance and then silences them with mimic attacks!

The Demeh is based on the linguistic concept of a dummy word, and its powers are based on the דמי shoresh root and its broader family. Look forward to its appearance in “Milhamah” Issue #3, as well as upcoming video games!


Gedi reels ’em in! (Inktober Day 8)

Gedi is a Bavel henchman.

Gedi is a member of the Bavel Macrostructure’s linguistic imperialism division, which in charge of dominating the nations. He represents Capricorn among the leadership’s zodiac identities (similar to Deli representing Aquarius).

As part goat and part fish, Gedi normally dwells in the riverbank region of Gadah. His powers come from the גדי shoresh root and its related shoresh family. And so it’s no surprise that he has a strong knack for fishing. He can summon large schools of fish to protect him, and he hooks targets with his fishing rod before filleting them.

Expect to see Gedi in “Milhamah: Fighting Words” Issue #3!