Etgar throws the Dalet toward Shem.Shem struggles with doubt as he is drowning.A fish (made up of fish) delivers a miracle.
Etgar shows the repaired speech balloon.Tiqwah connects the dalet to the alfon to make new letters appear on the aural grid.A mysterious seal appears and brings the Deli urn with it.The revived Deli greets Tiqwah. [wpedon id=”9536″]
The Holy Tongue Society bring down Deli... for now.Tiqwah and Shem reunite.Tiqwah scolds Shem.Etgar notices that the water is rising.Deli the urn orders the water bearer to attack.The water bearer swims toward our heroes for revenge.
Shem retrieves the Dalet. A gate suddenly appears! Who is this mysterious figure?