Pelë Po’al (Inktober Day 17)

Pelë Po'al is the verb.

Pelë Po’al is the verb part of speech in “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” He was a stuntman actor for the Bavel Macrostructure’s propaganda machine. But he went on strike after not getting paid enough for jumping off Bavel’s  Migdal Tower. Once blacklisted, he illegally emigrated into ‘Ivrit territory, became an activist and worked his way up the ranks in the Holy Tongue Society.

Based on the פעל shoresh root and broader family, Po’al spends all his effort being a working class hero. He wraps himself in a flag of solidarity. His butt expands when he unleashes power, and that also cushions him from steep falls.

Po’al’s fighting style is daring and reckless. He crams lots of actions into a short amount of time. But he often errs by applying the Labor Theory of Value to battles. So he vainly toils away at hopeless situations until he grows feeble and faints.

Some Society members are skeptical of Po’al due to his focus on works over orthodoxy. Meanwhile, Po’al sees Shem ‘Etzem as a rival who is too rigid in his ways. Can the two eventually form a dynamic duo?

Zafar Zarf (Inktober Day 9)

Ẓafar Ẓarf is the adverb.

Ẓafar Ẓarf is the adverb in “Milhamah: Fighting Words.”

(Ẓarf is different from the franchise other parts of speech characters. He’s the only main one who is based on an Arabic word and shoresh root, ظرف. In Hebrew the word for adverb is Teür, which is very similar to the word for adjective, Toär and wouldn’t have been as interesting.)

Anyway, Ẓarf’s nature comes from both his Arabic shoresh family and the transliterated Hebrew version, פצר. His body is a biomechanical construct that resembles molten metal, and he boasts his amalgamated identity with the puzzle tattoo on his chest . He also has the power of birds, allowing him to fly with metallic wings and slash enemies with razor talons. He can also make a bird call that’s as loud as a siren.

Ẓarf has a checkered past. He loves to craft jewelry, and he burglarizes his materials from Bavel’s suppliers, storing them in the bottomless containers he totes around. (Just don’t dare mock his man purse! ) He can break into and escape almost any confined space with his giant file weapon.

However, Ẓarf is no brute. He is known to be ingenious, polite and charming. And on top of that, he dreams of forming a rebellion that conquers and overthrows the Bavel Macrostructure.

Eventually Ẓarf will meet the Holy Tongue Society. But will they combine their efforts, and will the Society become the crucible that refines his rebellious nature?

Elisheva’ Sheëlah (Inktober Day 5)

Elisheva' Sheëlah is the interrogative.

Elisheva’ Sheëlah represents the interrogative part of speech. She loves to sow confusion among her victims and fill their minds with doubt, thanks to her book of questions. She also is a pro interrogator with ties to the criminal underworld — and rumor has it, the real one!

With her pleading puppy-dog eyes, Sheëlah is a greedy girl who gets what she wants, often justifying her thievery as “borrowing.” Her large debts form an actual ball and chain around her ankle, but her rope skills make escape a quick climb away. A tamarisk branch rests in her question mark cap.

Will Sheëlah renounce her doubts, find faith and join the Holy Tongue Society?

Refesh Mispar (Inktober Day 4)

Sappir Mispar is the numeral.

Refesh Mispar, the numeral of the Holy Tongue Society, finally gets an introduction due to Inktober!

Mispar is a core member of Ḥeleq and a renowned scholar with a insatiable thirst for the truth. His powers are based on the ספר shoresh root as well as its broader root family.

Unlike the other Society members, who are based on words, Mispar is based on numbers. He has an indirect way of attacking — he analyzes a target’s gematria number and then makes digital attacks to match that number.

Mispar lugs around a heavy bookbag to hold all his reference texts. He also uses giant sapphire shears to cleave his targets in twain. And despite his pride in his own brainpower, he is even more vain about his hair. Given his habit of telling long, boring tales, it’s not surprising that he’s unlucky with love…

Shalhevet Shelilah (Inktober Day 3)

Shalhevet Shelilah is the negation.

Shalhevet Shelilah is the third character in our 2020 Inktober series. She represents the negation part of speech and will eventually be a second-tier character.

Shelilah is a boisterous contrarian who often thinks negatively, even to the point of making no sense. She wears “no” figuratively on her sleeve and literally on her shirt. Because she feels deprived, she loves to loot, pillage and steal. However, she’s had no luck finding shoes or clothes besides her loosely stitched ones. Her favorite weapons are chains.

Will Shelilah say “no” to chaos and destruction when she eventually meets the Holy Tongue Society? Or will she remain an opponent to the end?