Zimri Remez (Inktober Day 2)

Zimri Remez is the demonstrative.

Zimri Remez is my Day 2 character for “Milhamah: Fighting Words” Inktober 2020!

Zimri represents the demonstrative part of speech. As such, he is a second-string member who’s an assistant to the pronoun, Kena’an Kinnui. Zimri thrives in mystery, communicating to his closest confidants through subtle winks and gestures.

Zimri’s shoresh family is זמר. He’s a musician at heart who loves to jam on his his chief weapon, a stoplight shawm instrument that sprays fluid that stinks like rotten eggs. He also loves to sing with his pet nightingale.

All in all, he’s a bacchanal figure with mountain goat horns, and he loves to eat off the vine and sleep under the stars. But in desperate times, will Shem ‘Etzem be willing to take a hint and form an alliance?