Ḥofi Pattaḥ

Pattach opens up paths.

INKTOBER DAY 22 (OPEN): When it comes to opening doors, Ḥofi Pattaḥ has the keys to success!

After developing terrible spending habits, Pattaḥ dug himself a financial hole and entered a life of crime. He biohacked his body to evolve key-shaped claws that can carve or pierce foes, as well as open almost any lock or portal.

He successfully committed a string of burglaries and robberies, but his big mouth and need to explain his exploits got him caught. But he was impossible to imprison or handcuff. Even a trip to the electric chair backfired because his body resisted the shock.

So in the end, the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement bribed Pattaḥ by paying off his debt in exchange for military service. Now free and with a fresh start, Pattaḥ uses his spy, hacker and thief skills to free his countrymen. Armed with with his trusty wrench sword and ultra-vision glasses (but no heavy armor), he stealthily infiltrates strongholds and cuts down the enemy through attrition and sabotage.

Pattaḥ’s abilities come from the פתח shoresh root and family, which govern services, cuffs, decreases, keys, wrenches and spanners, drawn swords, openings, orifices, pits, loss of electric current, attrition, evolution, vision, cuffs, carving, boring, uttering, freedom, taking off armor and more.

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