Inktober Day 24: Extinctuisher

The Extinctuisher snuffs out fires with the tears of the dying.
In a war-torn, postapocalyptic world, the Extinctuisher comes to the rescue!

The Extinctuishers are a brigade of firefighters who prevent deaths in deserted areas where resources and services are scarce. Their ear is attentive to anyone’s cry of danger, and they stand ready to put out meteors, wildfires and more. Their fire extinguishers spray the distilled tears of the mourning and snuff out fiery or electric targets.

The Extinctuisher comes from the כבי shoresh root and family, dealing with extinction, firefighting, crying, mourning and more.

Leaky Steel Torch

Be careful where you aim the Leaky Steel Torch!

INKTOBER DAY 23 (LEAK): The Leaky Steel Torch may do in a pinch, but not all that glitters is gold!

This device lights up dark places and wards off creatures who hate fire and lightning. It even serves as a strong, durable club.

But this item, like so many hastily produced in wartime, also has a few drawbacks. One is its reliance on liquid fuel; the other is that it leaks said fuel, trailing a flammable drizzle wherever it goes. Get that leakage too close to heat, and you may end up singeing more than your eyebrows!

The Leaky Steel Torch comes from the דלף shoresh root family, which governs leaks, flames, glittering, torches, steel and strength.

Ḥofi Pattaḥ

Pattach opens up paths.

INKTOBER DAY 22 (OPEN): When it comes to opening doors, Ḥofi Pattaḥ has the keys to success!

After developing terrible spending habits, Pattaḥ dug himself a financial hole and entered a life of crime. He biohacked his body to evolve key-shaped claws that can carve or pierce foes, as well as open almost any lock or portal.

He successfully committed a string of burglaries and robberies, but his big mouth and need to explain his exploits got him caught. But he was impossible to imprison or handcuff. Even a trip to the electric chair backfired because his body resisted the shock.

So in the end, the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement bribed Pattaḥ by paying off his debt in exchange for military service. Now free and with a fresh start, Pattaḥ uses his spy, hacker and thief skills to free his countrymen. Armed with with his trusty wrench sword and ultra-vision glasses (but no heavy armor), he stealthily infiltrates strongholds and cuts down the enemy through attrition and sabotage.

Pattaḥ’s abilities come from the פתח shoresh root and family, which govern services, cuffs, decreases, keys, wrenches and spanners, drawn swords, openings, orifices, pits, loss of electric current, attrition, evolution, vision, cuffs, carving, boring, uttering, freedom, taking off armor and more.

Inktober Day 21: Forlorn Fuzzy Fleece

The Sheepish Suit

The Forlorn Fuzzy Fleece is a sheep suit that is bound to sink the ego of whoever dons it. Prisons buy them in bulk to demoralize enemy captives. That said, the fleece has some advantages. Its downy softness protects against crushing damage, and its humiliating appearance makes it less likely for monsters and villains to see the wearer as a threat. Good luck ever showing your face again in public though.

The fleece derives from the מכך shoresh root, which deals with wool, fuzziness, depression, humiliation, crushing, oppression, poverty and more.

Inktober Day 20: Peanut-Pistachio Cello

The Peanut Pistachio Cello sprouts nuts.
The Peanut-Pistachio Cello is guaranteed to make any concert hall go nuts!

Made out of solid, sturdy terebinth timber, this cello plays a hopeful timbre that inspires a hybrid nut tree to sprout out of it, bud and bear fruit. The resulting nuts are dense like concrete and are guaranteed to satiate and swell the belly of the most ravenous beast.

The Peanut Pistachio Cello comes from the בטן shoresh root’s family, which governs pistachios, peanuts, terebinths, bellies, cellos, sprouting, hope, concrete and more.