Guryon Magdir

Guryon Magdir is the Holy Tongue Society's determiner.
Guryon Magdir is the determiner part of speech who helps oversee the Holy Tongue Society. He is officially the group’s second in command, and he loves his spot in the hierarchy — though he sometimes oversteps his authority too.

Magdir hails from the arid, fortressed land of Gederah. He is a builder and architect who hurls giant stones at enemies and builds walls to shield Ḥeleq’s Bayit base. His favorite military tactic is to dominate the opposing army by surrounding them and fencing them in.

His main weapon is the Erasing Knife, which disintegrates any unlucky foe who crosses the blade’s path. Yet he is so skilled with the weapon, he can safely shave with it.

While Magdir is very powerful and distinguished, he is not an easy man to work under. His restrained personality rarely reveals a smile, and he regularly flexes his conceited machismo to show both men and women who’s boss.

Magdir comes from the גדר shoresh root and family, which governs fences, walls, hierarchy, erasing knives, distinguishing, haughtiness, gender, shaved hair and more.



Superstructure Cerith pierces the sky

The Superstructure Cerith towers above its prey.

The Superstructure Cerith towers above its prey!

While cerith snails normally occupy conical, pylon-shaped shells, these strange creatures demonstrate their loyalty to the Bavel Macrostructure by wearing Tower of Babel-themed shells (which are also sold at the tower’s gift shop). The cerith shell’s openings are rumored to house gun turrets that fire on intruders.

The Superstructure Cerith comes from the גדל shoresh root, which deals with cerith snails, towers, pylons, turrets and more.

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The Descriptivist experiments with ether.Descriptivist B&W

The Descriptivists vanished into the ether… but who were they?

Descriptivists belonged to an elite political movement in Avgad, a generation prior to the Bavel era. They prized aesthetics and strived to be farsighted, enlightened Renaissance men. Many graduated with weighty degrees.

Famous ones were explorers, diplomats, spies, artists, musicians and scientists. In martial arts, they excelled at scouting and hunting. They paid lip service to representative government but truly believed in technocracy.

Upon the discovery of the long-buried shoresh roots, the Descriptivists demanded to conduct experiments on them using all available technology — including methods from diverse locales. They first used Yeṿanit technology on the אתר shoresh root. And after many studies and reports, they successfully extracted ether and formed it into various shapes and figures.

But this sparked outrage from the Prescriptivists, who believed that foreign technology would pollute the shoresh roots and curse Avgad with chaos. Eventually, this dispute led to the Descriptivist-Prescriptivist War, a calamity which most people today dread describing.

The Descriptivists are derived from the אתר shoresh root and family, which deal with reports, artistic figures, illustrations, appearances, quality, locations, descriptions, embellishments, diplomatic titles, academic degrees, representation and (via Greek) ether.


Sackcloth Pelican

The Sackcloth Pelican says war is near!The Sackcloth Pelican in B&W.

The Sackcloth Pelican has a dire prediction!

This brooding bird, dressed in tattered sackcloth and ashes, paces the Mattanah marketplace, stuffing emergency provisions in its baglike bill. It warns the public with its placard (which says “The war is near” in Imperial Aramaic) and prophesies that a tremendous storm of attacks are on the horizon.

What will be the Bavel Macrostructure’s reaction to all this commotion? Only the pelican knows!

The Sackcloth Pelican is powered by the שקק shoresh root, which governs sackcloth, sacks, storms, attacks, commotion and more.

Bear Rover

The Bear is cruising on a rover.Roving Bear B&W

Bear Rover, Bear Rover, send Bavel on over!

This bear rides an exploration vehicle through the market streets of Mattanah to boost the people’s passion to buy and consume. The bear’s megaphone loudspeakers roar out the latest sales on items like Dumpling Bundles.

The speakers also blast Bavel propaganda over the din of the bustling shoppers, with the ursine enforcer there to intimidate anyone who dares not swear loyalty to the regime.

The Bear Rover is powered by the שקק shoresh root, which deals with rovers, bear grunts, roaring, noise, bustling, street markets, longings, oaths and more.