The Kittim are Bavel's marines.

The Kittim serve as the Bavel Macrostructure’s marines, and they grind down and crush all in their path. These troops come from Bavel’s upper classes and are indoctrinated in Avgad’s northwest quadrant. They arguably are the most zealous, brutal faction of Bavel’s military.

As a group, the Kittim share great camaraderie, excel at tactical formations and wield meat tenderizing war hammers. While they often cannibalize supplies and technology from conquered cities, their enemies accuse them of being literal cannibals too. The Kittim deny this, insisting that they thrive on a strict diet of olives and schnitzel.

Their shoresh is כתת, which governs crushing, classes, factionalism, cannibalism, pressing olives, schnitzel, meat tenderizers and the Kittim of the Dead Sea Scrolls.


The Kiläyim will kill you for food!

The Kiläyim is an abomination hybrid kind that was created by the taboo combination of flax and woolly sheep DNA. The Bavel Macrostructure bred these ravenous beasts to manufacture lightning-resistant (and cursed) fabric, but the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement ended up capturing the creatures. Currently the Kiläyim are imprisoned in Kelë Prison, where angels guard and restrain them to keep them from devouring all in their path.

The Kiläyim comes from the אכל shoresh family, which deals with gluttony, lightning arresters, hybrids, forbidden pairings, prisons, sheep pens, angels and restraints.

Tender Loaf

The Tender Loaf is soft delicacy that feels heavy going down..

The Tender Loaf is a delicacy that was baked in the Prescriptivist-occupied Kikkar District. This circular loaf of bread is soft to the touch, but feels heavy going down. A pizza-sized loaf weighs between 75 and 100 pounds!

While this loaf tastes sweet, eating it softens and weakens the body while mollifying the mind. Historians believe that the Prescriptivist troops indulged in this treat too much, robbing them of thinness, strength and high morale. In modern times, the Bavel Macrostructure feeds this dish to the poor to keep them pacified.

The Tender Loaf comes from the ככר shoresh family, which governs loaves, talent weights, softness, sweetness, weakness, delicacies, districts and mollification.

Bat Qol

A Bat Qol uses a tuning fork.

A Bat Qol (Literally “daughter of a voice” in Hebrew) is a spirit-based kind that many Avgad residents believe is a heavenly voice brought to life.

Resembling a sound angel, Bat Qol spread prophecies and revelation, and they excel at music and oratory. Before the rise of Bavel’s censorship regime, they were prominent in the religious, cultural, media and entertainment spheres.

While some have since defected to Bavel to spread rumors and false reports, most are good spirits. They are famous for their strong emotions, such as shouting for joy or crying. As warriors, they wield tuning fork weapons and deafen enemies with thunderclaps.

The Bat Qol gets her power through the קול shoresh root, which governs sound, voices, tuning forks, noise, thunder, reports and rumors.


Fire Flagon

The Fire Flagon hurls glass, fuel and fire at foes.

The Fire Flagon is a simple but effective urban combat weapon that hurls glass, fuel and fire at foes. It’s a fancier version of a Molotov with a rag that, after carrying and shaking, triggers the Consolidated Flames speech act. Giant versions are used as incendiary bombs.

The Fire Flagon is produced by the אשש shoresh family, which governs glass bottles, flagons, fire, consolidation, carrying and shaking.