Healthy Patient Diet

The Healthy Patient Diet brings recovery to the sick and wounded.

The Healthy Patient Diet brings recovery to the wounded and sick … if they can actually stomach the meal!

Field hospitals in ‘Aravot and ‘Ammon treat patients with balanced portions of veggies, fruit, grains and more. Rumor says the “more” includes locust paste, based on the taste.

The Healthy Patient Diet comes from the ברי shoresh/ביר family, which govern patient meals, recovery and more.

Qoṭev Polar Wasteland

The Qoṭev Polar Wasteland sticks out amid the lush, green hills and towering forests of ‘Aravot’s state of Alef. Giant sprouting shoresh roots changed Avgad’s environment and climates, and shifted the planet’s poles too.

However, the frozen site is a former battleground from the Descriptivist-Prescriptivist War, and the glowing green skies may not be from an aurora, but from residual radiation or pestilential miasma.

The Bavel Macrostructure hopes to capture a rumored foundation letter artifact in Qoṭev. The few residents who dare live here try to strike oil, whether from the ground or out of sparse vegetation.

The Qoṭev Polar Wasteland belongs to the בטק shoresh family, which governs polarization, oil presses, destruction, pestilence, foundations and more.

Ilan Forest

The Ilan forest is home to a giant tree.

The Ilan Forest spreads upon the hills of Medinat Alef, not far from the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement’s Ulpan Academy base. It is home to a tree village populated by a ramlike people and ruled by Allon Ilan, an antlered man who is allied with the enemy Bavel Macrostructure.

Bavel believes that the forest’s largest tree, rumored to be the original Syntax Tree, hides the Alp foundation letter that helped form the universe. The Ilan Forest is the stronghold domain for the אול shoresh family, representing trees and rams.


Migdal Bavel (מגדל בבל)

The Migdal Bavel is the גדל domain.

The Migdal Bavel (מגדל בבל) is believed to be the unfinished remains of the original Tower of Babel ziggurat, standing around 8,150 feet tall. It is currently located just outside the boundaries of ‘Aravot’s Medinat Alef.

While the tyrannical Bavel Macrostructure is building an even larger tower (the Superstructure), it still uses the Migdal as a base and a broadcast tower to transmit brainwashing propaganda throughout Avgad. The Holy Tongue Society also believes that Bavel seeks to use such towers conquer the heavens.

The Migdal is a stronghold domain powered by the גדל shoresh root and family.

Moav Patriarch

The Moav Patriarch loves to cavort.

Elite patriarchs lord over the Moav Fatherland, an impoverished region dominated by ambition, drunkenness, hatred, lust and desire. These patriarchs spend their lives swilling puncheon rum, gorging on Carnal Caperberries and cavorting. While few in number, they’re married to most of the land’s women. This arouses enmity from the nation’s poor men, but the patriarchs justify the practice by claiming it’s consensual. (No one ever asks the women in Moav.)

Regardless, these marital arrangements produce plenty of sons who serve in the Bavel Macrostructure’s Moav Division. That division dreams of glory and greatness, striving to be chief among the macrostructure’s military ranks.

The Moav Patriarch gets power from the אבי shoresh family, which governs fathers, patriarchy, caperberries, puncheons, lust, will, hatred, enemies, consent and the poor.