Exercise Trainers

Exercise trainers build muscle, stamina and rhythm.

The Exercise Trainers are common fitness footwear used by the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement, especially among fresh infantry recruits who are exercising or performing drills. While these shoes appear ordinary, they contain internal weights balanced by muscle amplifiers. Their swaddling fit feels instantly comfortable, and they’re proven to improve footwork and rhythm. The sneakers’ soles also quiet enough to let the wearer move silently and spy around.

The Exercise Trainers come from the גלר shoresh family, which governs feet, infantry, exercise, drill, familiarity, swaddling, rhythm and espionage.

Qerur Icehouses

The Qerur Icehouses stay cold.

Below the surface of Mattanah City are the Qerur Icehouses, an underground network of refrigerated wells and natural springs. These igloo-like vaults and chambers cool down the city’s massive surveillance data servers. Yet the poor and the criminal classes stay out of sight by living here because they can’t afford to live elsewhere. If you visit, keep cool, but don’t catch a cold!

The Qerur Icehouses comes from the קרר shoresh family, which governs refrigerators, icehouses, spring water, well depths and places to stay.

Fungus Gnat Network

The Fungus Gnat Network is a mass of maggots.

The Fungus Gnat Network is a larval lump of as many as a thousand maggots. Collectively, it feeds on poisonous mushrooms and deadly spores in the Ulpan hill country. The fungus controls the maggots like a hive mind, making them aggressive to travelers. And when the maggots become flying adults, they continue to carry toxins that endanger the area’s crops and cattle.

The Fungus Gnat Network comes from the אלף shoresh family, which governs fungus gnats and thousands.

Broadcast Bureaucrat with Sidrah Exoskeleton

The Broadcast Bureaucrat wears a Sidrah exoskeleton.

The Bavel Macrostructure determines broadcast programming out of an abandoned high school building along an office district avenue. Over there, bureaucrats direct communications to soldiers while keeping order, thwarting insurrections and crafting propaganda that worships Beli Ya’al.

These bureaucrats are normally weak and easily frightened. But they can survive and fight while wielding birch stylus batons and wearing Sidrah exoskeletons that enhance body strength and speed. The Sidrah armor’s transmitter also can scramble the brains of unwary foes. The gear’s effectiveness has gained the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement attention, prompting them to try to acquire some through a supplier.

The Broadcast Bureaucrat and the Sidrah Exoskeleton come from the דרש shoresh family, which governs broadcasting, programs, bureaucracy, high schools, offices, avenues, soldier ranks, insurrections, survival, rescue, birch, styluses, spines, transmitters and more.

Katef Shoulder Slope

The Katef is a tall shoulder to stand on.

The Katef Shoulder Slope is a tall craggy slope in Medinat Alef. It’s called that because the hill looks a bit like the shoulder of a human figure. The place is largely abandoned, though cattle ranchers who passed through here invented Bundle Dumplings to feed themselves along the journey. Beware of vines that bind themselves to intruders! This domain represents the וכת shoresh family, which deals with shoulder slopes, vines and more.