Sefer Yetzer Ra’

Sefer Yetzer Ra' ©Aksanyah Studios

The Sefer Yetzer Ra’ (Book of Evil Inclination), in the world of “Milhamah,” is a corrupted revision of ancient writings about the universal Otiyot letters. 

This cryptic book serves as the Bavel Macrostructure’s military playbook for conquering ‘Aravot and the world of Avgad. The book is also the primary sacred text of the Macrostructure’s official cult.

The Sefer Yetzer Ra’s cover is inscribed with the word “raggu,” or evil, in cuneiform. Within its decayed pages, it contains insane, rambling lectures as well as proscribed magic. 

The grimoire promises love, mastery and powers at an impossible price — first it shatters the reader’s imagination with intense desires, suspicions and doubts; then it brainwashes him and dooms him to commit calamities. 

It’s no surprise that the Holy Tongue Society seeks to destroy this tome!

  • Shoresh family: עער
  • Attribute effects: DOM +3R, CRE +6R, WIS -4R, PEA -4R, BLE -2R
  • Tags: Sin, Crushing, Charm, Doubt, Document, Calamity

Retro-style game devlog #1: The fight is on!

Work on our retro-style “Milhamah” action RPG series is progressing, and we just released our first full devlog on YouTube.

Following the recent release of Godot 4.0, Aksanyah Studios introduces a WIP look at its retro-style, action RPG video game, “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” It’s based on a comic series where the grammatical parts of speech fight an apocalyptic war against the ultimate Tower of Babel. In this devlog, we describe our vision and showcase what we’ve done so far using tools like Godot, Aseprite, FL Studio and more. We also describe some upcoming challenges and what you can expect next.

We’re already well on our way toward adding enough new game mechanic features to do a second video, which will focus on a unique physics system in our game. But in the meantime, if you like what you see, subscribe and join us on our journey!

Ikhavod Kaved

Ikhavod Kaved ©Aksanyah Studios

Ikhavod Kaved represents the Liver in Beli Ya’al’s Yetzer Ra’ organization. He oppressively governs Mattanah City’s Nidbakh sector and earns abundant wealth by owning the Shutummu food distribution company on the side.

Kaved is a difficult, hardhearted man to work with, because he is dimwitted, insensible and often drunk. He gets vehemently furious over trifling inconveniences. Ever fussy, he carries a palm branch broom to sweep the dust from the ground where he treads.

Regardless, he considers himself a distinguished gentleman, and he demands honor and exaltation from just about everyone (except Beli Ya’al). Fueled by delicacies, his engorged body has gravitational powers that can force people to fall on their faces before him.

  • Shoresh family: בדכ
  • Habitat: Medinat Alef region (Nidbakh, Mattanah), city
  • Attributes: DOM 4R, VIG 3R, GRA 2R, CRE 1R, WIS 1R, PEA 1R, BLE 4R

イカボッド・カヴェドは、ベリヤアルの イェツェル・ラーの組織の肝臓を表しています。 彼はマタナ市のニドバハの地区を圧制的に統治し、シュトゥム食品流通会社を副業として所有することで莫大な富を築いています。

カヴェドは、頭が悪く、無感覚で、よく酔っ払っているため、一緒に仕事をするのは難しく、情が薄い男です。 彼は些細な不便に激しく激怒する. いつもうるさいので、彼はヤシの枝のほうきを持って、足を踏み入れた地面からほこりを払います。

しかし、彼は自分自身を傑出した紳士だと考えており、ほぼすべての人 (ベリヤアルを除く) に名誉と発揚を求めています。 珍味にエネルギーをもらった彼のむくんだ体には重力があり、彼の前で人々を土下座させることができます。