“Refresher Course” (Ch. 1, Pg. 26) is released!

Pg. 26 cover

“Refresher Course,” the manga’s Chapter 1, Page 26, is out today. And from here on, I’ll be announcing the release of new comic pages in the blog news section too. That’s because I’ve been releasing color panels on Instagram every time there’s a new page, but I haven’t posted them here yet! Here is another recent cover, to mark the release of the Japanese translation of Page 19:





Nidbakh is a dense district on the outer edge of Mattanah City. The area sits on an archaeological dig site of past glorious civilizations, including a giant wall of striated strata.

The district presents itself as a refreshing oasis amid its arctic surroundings. Officials are proud of the city’s perfectly clean streets, and the luggage-shaped buildings gleam. Palm trees overshadow luxurious homes and numerous glitzy stores.

But the tyrannical tycoon Ikhavod Kaved rules over the area’s dullard constituents, oppressing them to the point of illness. A heavy undercurrent of anger, sadness and nostalgia permeates the place — to the point that gravity is stronger there.

  • Shoresh family: בדכ
  • Habitat: Medinat Alef, City
  • Tags: Heavy, Beauty, Wealthy






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Tiqvah toy in the works

Tiqvah turnaround

Shem ‘Etzem’s keshigomu-inspired toy came out earlier this year, and now Tiqvah Tavit’s is in the conceptual stage!

The concept sketch above is a character turnaround for Tiqvah that I will send to a 3D modeling artist. Once the rendering is done, I’ll send it to a 3D printing company and get some more figurines made for the “Milhamah” collectible toy series. The goal is to release the new figure by early May.

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Shem toy