Ḥatitah Well Pits

Ḥatitah Well Pits

The Ḥatitah Well Pits are part of a deep, dangerous reservoir that serves as Mattanah City’s main water source.

The Bavel Macrostructure drilled deep into the earth to reach this spot, so it’s not as freezing cold here when compared to the Qerur Icehouses. Since it took trial and error to bore through, the well is riddled with pits and drill bits. But brave explorers and treasure hunters may still find some glistening jewels in the rough.

  • Shoresh: חטט
  • Region: Medinat Alef
  • Tags: Underground, Earth, Water, Piercing


Back from Japan and drawing again!

Ahi Ihui goes on a tour of Shibuya, Tokyo.

Welcome back! Following the end of Chapter 1 to the “Milhamah” manga, I spent over two weeks in Japan this summer on a trip that explored the birthplace of manga. This included Akihabara, the Shibuya Scramble (pictured here with Aḥi), the Kyoto International Manga Museum, and much more.

It was amazing to be immersed in so much great art while walking around and doing everyday activities. Hopefully, my own story will continue to grow in its reach and similarly bless people around the world!

In the coming weeks, I’ll be creating new concept art for Chapter 2 as well as hopefully some new sprite art and breakthroughs with the video game. Keep visiting here and following our social media to learn more!