Pistil Pestle

Pistil Pestle ©Aksanyah Studios

The Pistil Pestle is a royal scepter that doubles as a highly effective grinding tool. Genius pharmacists use this tool to create herbal medicines and drugs in the Bavel Macrostructure’s summit city of ‘Illit.  While the pestle is normally the size of a small club, it can grow like a weed to become bigger as needed!

  • Shoresh: ילע
  • Found: Medinat Alef
  • Attributes: VIG +1R, CRE +1R
  • Tags: Plant, Club, Medicine, Growth



Nidbakh Component

Nidbakh Component ©Aksanyah Studios

The Nidbakh Component is another standard enforcer of the Bavel Macrostructure’s regime, along with the Guf Soldiers and Sotem Stoppers. Unlike the others, these henchmen are purely mechanical and made from ancient technology.

Components primarily serve mid-tier Bavel officials and address their inconvenient tasks. While these robots are powerful enough to kill dissenters, their main job is performing cover-ups and scrubbing up evidence with their floor sweepers. They’re also surprisingly durable since they can carry heavy loads and reassemble themselves when they fall apart.

  • Shoresh: בדכ
  • Region: Medinat Alef
  • Attributes: DOM 1R, VIG 3R, GRA 2R, CRE 1R, WIS 1R, PEA 1R, BLE 1R
  • Tags: Machine, Part




Faultfincher ©Aksanyah Studios

The Faultfincher is the Avgad equivalent of a Galapagos woodpecker finch who lives in the deep, dark Ḥatitah Well Pits. His Darwinian roots caused his beak to evolve into a drill over time, and his eyesight to become very refined, even in low-light environments.

But being holed up in such a place has also devolved his personality into a grouchy, overly critical one. When he gets mad, his drill can cause small earthquakes.

  • Shoresh: חטט
  • Habitat: Medinat Alef, Underground, Caves
  • Attributes: DOM 2R, VIG 1R, GRA 1R, CRE 2R, WIS 1R, PEA 0R, BLE 0R
  • Tags: Pierce, Sight, Bird, Earth



Eye-stinging Cold Chisel

Eye-stinging Cold Chisel ©Aksanyah Studios

The Eye-stinging Cold Chisel is an icy blade that miners used when digging the Ḥatitah Well Pits. The whirring drill bit at the tip can bore through gemstones, and the holes along the plough-shaped blade help the blade’s aerodynamic swing. The meticulous eyes intelligently give the chisel a sense of perception and can also emit beams of blinding light. Nanas dwarves prefer using these blades for finer jewelry work.

  • Shoresh: חטט
  • Region: Medinat Alef
  • Effect: CRE+1R
  • Tags: Ice, Cut, Pierce, Blind, Sight, Earth, Blade