Mapkin color ©Aksanyah StudiosMapkin B&W ©Aksanyah Studios

This is a color version of the Mapkin, which is a navigable napkin of the world of Avgad. Its cartography changes along with the viewer’s location and experiences, wiping away inaccuracies and unknown areas.

  • Shoresh: ימפ
  • Found: Coast, Island
  • Attributes: WIS+1
  • Tags: Document, Navigation, Planet


Rotisserie Spider

Rotisserie Spider ©Aksanyah Studios
The Rotisserie Spider brings an unusual twist to its roasted meat dishes! Anything that gets caught on its flaming web spins around as it cooks to perfection. Oddly enough, the spider is on a fasting diet and rarely eats its own cuisine.

  • Shoresh: וטר
  • Habitat: City
  • Attributes: DOM 1, VIG 1, GRA 2, CRE 2, WIS 1, PEA 2, BLE 2
  • Tags: Bug, Fire, Culinary, Meat