Shem is not amused by Qeriah's new hobby. Shem's anger makes him short-circuit. Shem reverts to his rawer form.
In Update #21, "Mother May I? Part 2", we learn that while Shem 'Etzem's holy form may easily defeat the Bavel Macrostructure’s minions, it’s no match for Em Qeriah’s lack of seriousness. Will Shem’s hair-trigger temper prevent him from becoming the Evaluator of Names? While this issue mostly continues the arguments and power struggles among the rising generation of Holy Tongue Society leadership and the old, it also shows how Shem can revert from his powerful, holy שום form back to his still-powerful, but baser עצם form. Adam comes up for a good reason at the end of this update. Get ready to learn more in the next update! (By the way, this webcomic will discontinue the numerical "Episode" system where some episodes last for multiple updates. While the next update would technically be Episode 16, this website's formatting plus ones like Webtoon and Tapas make the old system archaic. We'll just stick to numbering according to updates.) Other news Although it's not fully implemented, we updated the Wordpress theme to Toocheke Premium, which will allow us to use more Patreon and WooCommerce integration. If you've noticed that the site was slower recently, it's because we were trying to implement those features. I'm hoping to ask around to figure out a way to have the site run reasonably quickly plus have our own online store and bonus webpages for Patreon subscribers only. By the way, please sign up for my Patreon! Even a dollar a month adds up... Also, keep checking our wiki for updates. I've been adding beta sections to the Milhamah RPG storytelling game, plus there are all sorts of details about the comic there. Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope to bring more updates soon!


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Remes (Inktober Day 27)

The Serenading Lizard is a creeper. The Remes is a type of serenading lizard who harasses the locals in the capital city of ‘Ir Risshum. This nocturnal creature is a creeper. With its guitar and karaoke boombox, it stands outside homes (usually belonging to beautiful women) and screeches until the wee morning hours. Worse yet, swarms of these reptiles often gather to compete for mates and sing the loudest. Naturally, it isn’t long before the city’s night watchguards get an earful of complaints. This character is based off the רמש shoresh root (ignoring shin and sin distinctions), which deals with reptiles and evening.

Qorë Partridge (Inktober Day 26)

The Qorë Partridge sends maps and coded bird calls. The Qorë Partridge, aka the chukah or the desert partridge, is one of Em Qeriah’s helpers in the Arqah Archives. These birds are responsible for delivering maps to the spies, troops and agents who are fighting Bavel on the battlefield. They’re also good at sending coded bird call messages, since Bavel doesn’t know how to monitor or censor them. The Qorë wears a pumpkin headscarf, a microphone headset, antiglare glasses and a shoulder case for maps. For navigation purposes, it also wears a pendant that resembles a map compass rose. Expect this bird to appear in “Milhamah: Fighting Words” soon!

Shelomoh Mashlim (Inktober Day 25)

Shelomoh Mashlim is the complementizer. Shelomoh Mashlim is the complementizer part of speech in “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” He is a low-level bureaucrat who works for the provincial government in ‘Ir Risshum (formerly Yerushalayim). When Mashlim is not at his depressing pay clerk office, he is at peace and glows with an iridescent halo. He tries to be perfect employee, diving into work wholeheartedly to complete it on time. But the Bavel Macrostructure breed corruption. And as Mashlim’s work culture grows more corrupt, so do the policies. Local suppliers get ripped off in a sea of bribes. Managers scoff at even the concept of counting numbers. Embezzlement, graft and grifting overflow. Amid all this, Mashlim tries to be sincere and diplomatic. But even his repository of folk wisdom, parables and fables leave him empty for answers. So he keeps his head down and tries to escape attention. His glow dims. And he waits patiently. Though this crisis threatens his serenity, he hears rumors about this Holy Tongue Society. And suddenly, a new future is possible: one where he rules instead of taking orders, and metes out some payback of his own. Mashlim’s powers are based off the שלם shoresh root and its family. He is good at tuning into his teammates to  complement and synergize their attack. His Opal Glow dazzles opponents, and his ability to meditate on wisdom gives him high willpower against mental and spiritual attacks. His demeanor can also calm and pacify enemy aggression, especially when amplified by his bardic poetry.  

Beli Ya’al (Inktober Day 24)

Beli Ya'al leads the Bavel Macrostructure. Beli Ya’al is the decadent leader of the Bavel Macrostructure. From his low-level office in Bavel’s Migdal Tower, he deconstructs the world’s nations and strangles speech through a censorship regime. (In many ways, he just *might* have a passing resemblance to certain modern-day tech titans.) Beli sees himself as a socially conscious dictator. He promises humanity a global jubilee from the burdens of inquiry, debate and truth under the inclusive mission of “one language, few words.” However, his leadership style is lazy, and he often spends his time having trivial fun rather than doing hard work. It’s no secret that his enemies call him the Worthless One. His typical powers are based on the בלי shoresh root and family. He emits radiation that ages his targets. He corrodes equipment to make it useless. And he can stir up necrotic debris, set his enemies on fire, or cause waters to flood. Rumor says he can transform too, but no witnesses have ever seen it. Beli is an aging hipster at heart who longs to embody the spirit of the age. He shows symptoms of male menopause. He is negative, cynical and against all ideologies except his own. While he holds the brainwashed masses in contempt, he ironically wears shabby vintage clothing to signal his connection to the common man. In his free time, Beli is an avid pilot. He owns a wealthy cottage by the watercourse of Yaval, near the mighty Perat River. He plans to make his own Hanging Gardens like the Garden of ‘Eden, where he can put the Syntax Tree in its “rightful” place. But for now, all that grows is devil’s grass.

Alp (Inktober Day 23)

Alp represents the letter Alef. Alp, the guardian representative of the letter alef (א), is an ox whom Adam named and befriended in the beginning. As one of the 22 Otiyot, he broke his yoke to become a miraculous champion, a military general and a coach. Alp’s abilities are based on the אלף shoresh root and family. He can easily learn his enemies’ skills and how to counter them. He also can shroud himself in darkness and can astonish the masses with God-given miracles. Today Alp’s whereabouts are unknown, but rumor has it that his ancient teachings were preserved and passed down. Look forward to seeing more of Alp when the “Milhamah: Fighting Words” comic resumes!