Aḥi Iḥui

Ahi Ahui is a coordinator for the Holy Tongue Society.

Aḥi Iḥui, the linguistic coordinator, is the nephew of Agent Śoreq Qisshur. Iḥui acts like a tagalong kid brother to the rest of the Holy Tongue Society. His favorite hangout is the Sheqaq Marketplace in Mattanah City.

Quick healing and strong bones propel him to risk rough-and-tumble action, and he proudly wears his temporary stitches while he’s on the mend. Meanwhile, his fusion-powered footwear helps him stick to walls, and he fights monk style with a Nuclear Needle. He is fascinated by Shem ‘Etzem’s research into otiyot recombination.

Aḥi Iḥui’s power comes from the אחי shoresh family, which governs brotherhood, siblings, nephews, fusion, stitching, recombination and more.


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