Eye-stinging Cold Chisel

Eye-stinging Cold Chisel ©Aksanyah Studios

The Eye-stinging Cold Chisel is an icy blade that miners used when digging the Ḥatitah Well Pits. The whirring drill bit at the tip can bore through gemstones, and the holes along the plough-shaped blade help the blade’s aerodynamic swing. The meticulous eyes intelligently give the chisel a sense of perception and can also emit beams of blinding light. Nanas dwarves prefer using these blades for finer jewelry work.

  • Shoresh: חטט
  • Region: Medinat Alef
  • Effect: CRE+1R
  • Tags: Ice, Cut, Pierce, Blind, Sight, Earth, Blade





Nidbakh is a dense district on the outer edge of Mattanah City. The area sits on an archaeological dig site of past glorious civilizations, including a giant wall of striated strata.

The district presents itself as a refreshing oasis amid its arctic surroundings. Officials are proud of the city’s perfectly clean streets, and the luggage-shaped buildings gleam. Palm trees overshadow luxurious homes and numerous glitzy stores.

But the tyrannical tycoon Ikhavod Kaved rules over the area’s dullard constituents, oppressing them to the point of illness. A heavy undercurrent of anger, sadness and nostalgia permeates the place — to the point that gravity is stronger there.

  • Shoresh family: בדכ
  • Habitat: Medinat Alef, City
  • Tags: Heavy, Beauty, Wealthy






Tiqvah toy in the works

Tiqvah turnaround

Shem ‘Etzem’s keshigomu-inspired toy came out earlier this year, and now Tiqvah Tavit’s is in the conceptual stage!

The concept sketch above is a character turnaround for Tiqvah that I will send to a 3D modeling artist. Once the rendering is done, I’ll send it to a 3D printing company and get some more figurines made for the “Milhamah” collectible toy series. The goal is to release the new figure by early May.

If you’d like to buy Shem’s toy, you can do so by visiting our Etsy page.


Shem toy

Rehab Fig

Rehab Fig Canteen

Rehab Figs are sold at the Sheqaq Marketplace in Mattanah City. They’re grown in the nearby farming town of Mesheq.

The Bavel Macrostructure keeps the Rehab Figs in convenience stores and in troops’ rations. These sycamore figs are shaped like small canteens, taste like mulberries, and offer quick recovery from injuries.

  • Shoresh family: מקש
  • Found: Medinat Yod, Mattanah City, Forest
  • Effect: 3S Medicine check: Remove 1 Wound (once per day limit)
  • Tags: Fruit, Container, Consumable, Food, Medicine

リハビリのイチジクはマタナ市のシェカック 市場で販売されています。 近くの農業都市メシェクで栽培されています。

バベルマクロ構造により、リハビリのイチジクはコンビニや軍隊の食糧に保管されます。 これらのシカモアイチジクは小さな水筒のような形をしており、桑の実のような味がし、怪我を早く回復します。

Ḥeleq Farm Estate

Heleq Farm Estate
INKTOBER DAY 31 (FARM): The Heleq Farm Estate is located near Medinat Kaf, along the windward side of Mt. Halaq.
The settlement used to be a popular place to get married. It’s also the secret birthplace of the Holy Tongue Society, and it’s where the young resistance group kept its war booty. However, the Bavel Macrostructure sent a plague of locusts to raid the site, and the regime burned down part of the farm during the conflict.
The land is now settled by boorish peasants and thieves. Nevertheless, the region’s harvest is still profitable. A shower irrigation system raises multiple crops, especially spelt and wheat. An orchard of slippery trees was planted behind the tall column silo. And a briny pond is home to saltwater fish.
  • Shoresh family: חלק
  • Habitat: Medinat Kaf, Field, Mountain, Saltwater, Stronghold
  • Tags: Marriage, Steal, Bug, Pasture, Agriculture, Tree

インクトーバー31日目(農場): へレク農場地所はメディナット・カフの近く、ハラク山の風上側にあります。


土地は現在、野蛮な農民と泥棒によって定住しています。 それにもかかわらず、この地域の収穫は依然として有益です。 シャワー灌漑システムは、複数の作物、特にスペルト小麦と小麦を育てます。 背の高いサイロの後ろには、滑りやすい木の果樹園が植えられていました。 そして、海水池は海水魚の生息地です。