Elisheva’ Sheëlah (Inktober Day 5)

Elisheva' Sheëlah is the interrogative.

Elisheva’ Sheëlah represents the interrogative part of speech. She loves to sow confusion among her victims and fill their minds with doubt, thanks to her book of questions. She also is a pro interrogator with ties to the criminal underworld — and rumor has it, the real one!

With her pleading puppy-dog eyes, Sheëlah is a greedy girl who gets what she wants, often justifying her thievery as “borrowing.” Her large debts form an actual ball and chain around her ankle, but her rope skills make escape a quick climb away. A tamarisk branch rests in her question mark cap.

Will Sheëlah renounce her doubts, find faith and join the Holy Tongue Society?

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