How to stay motivated as an artist

Sometimes people ask me how I stay motivated as an artist, especially when I’m just starting out and trying to get my work seen.

Here’s my advice: Pursue whatever motivates you to plan and research. That’s where your passion is.

Shem finds a dalet glyph.
Shem found what motivated him. Will you find yours?

Staying motivated is easy when I have a 20-plus chapter story outlined on paper with over a hundred scenes (so far) roughly sketched out in spreadsheets. Plus there’s filler when I feel like it.

But you really have to like your characters and your setting, and have a fire in your bones to share it with the world. In my spare time, I get a kick out of learning Hebrew and other Semitic languages, so creating this comic is like a journey or game in itself.

“Milhamah” has been floating around in my head for a couple of years. Finally bringing the story to life has been very rewarding so far, even if only a few people are currently seeing it.

Also, since I use vector art, making comics is like killing four birds with one stone.

Design a new character? That can be the backbone for a video game sprite animation or a future  merchandise design. Make a new panel? That can be reused as future card game art or a print for conventions.

Just make sure you save and back up all your rough materials!

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