Inkotber Day 9: Pressured Pistoleer Ḥezi Deḥiq

Ḥezi Deḥiq is under pressure.
INKTOBER DAY 9 (PRESSURE): Growing up, Ḥezi Deḥiq yearned for acceptance from his peers and never got it. This passion for the crowd’s love led him to betray his homeland of ‘Aravot and join the Bavel Macrostructure’s Kittim alliance.

But even with the world’s leaders behind him, peer pressure drives Deḥiq to be the best pistoleer on the planet. Beneath his fake “boring personality” is his repressed stress and turmoil. Inwardly he burns up, causing a fever that surrounds him in flames. At this point, he just wishes for a hiatus to catch his breath.

On the battlefield, Deḥiq’s go-to attack is to perforate his targets with his Carbuncle Drill Revolvers, which deal heavy fire and piercing damage. His gravity boots can create earthquakes and stomp flat whatever is beneath his heel. He also wears a shoulder drilling machine that makes his charges and throws deadly. The drilling machine can double as a culinary appliance, but Deḥiq’s terrible cooking always burns the meal.

Ḥezi Deḥiq’s powers come from the דחק shoresh root and related family, which governs stress, drive, inflammation, fever, burning, drills, handguns, pressure, crowds and more.




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