Inktober 17: Ace Anchorman

The Ace Anchorman is a tyrant at the mound.

INKTOBER DAY 17 (COLLIDE): Behind his BBL News studio desk, the Ace Anchorman is a pitchman, spinning for the vicious Bavel Macrostructure and its fascist tyranny.

But in his off hours, he delivers at the pitcher’s mound for the Bavel Tyrants. Because he acts above the rules, his go-to strategy is his Breaking News Ball, perfect for oppressing opponents’ skulls. And his confrontational style drives him to collide into base stealers the way he tackles shoe-leather reporting: cleats first.

Combine his lifestyle with his Nefil heritage, and it’s no surprise that the Ace Anchorman has an ego that won’t tolerate criticism. Only *he* gets to ask the hard-hitting questions, followed by hard-hitting fastballs.

The Ace Anchorman gets his power from the נגש shoresh root’s family, which governs pitching, news anchors, collisions, oppression, tyrants, criticism and questioning.

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