Inktober Day 10: Property Gnashing Pickax

This pickaxe has a bite to it.

INKTOBER DAY 10 (PICK): If the Property Gnashing Pickax strikes its mark, there goes the neighborhood!

This pickax’s terrifying teeth mow down weeds and shrubbery, and they can also crunch through brick and mortar. Demolition crews use this tool to knock down buildings, special forces wield it to destroy enemy arsenals, and bank robbers bring it along to break inside vaults.

However, this weapon comes at a cost: A manufacturer’s flaw causes its “mouth” to jam unless the user feeds it regular deposits of cash. And like a loan shark, this sharp-toothed pickax charges usurious interest rates. That’s why some say it works best when eating the rich — literally!

The Property Gnashing Pickax is based on the נכש shoresh root and broader family, which governs pickaxes, biting, nipping pliers, usury, neighbors, dwellings, arsenals, storehouses, weeding and more.

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