Inktober Day 30: Slither Skates

Whether grass, gravel or ice, the Slither Skates slide through them all.

INKTOBER DAY 30 (SLITHER): You don’t need an ice rink to use the Slither Skates!

The slippery blades — flexible to the molecular level — allow the wearer to smoothly glide through fields, farmland and even gravel roads without stumbling. Water jet hoses cool the blades as they accelerate to avoid bursting into flames.

Many conquering forces, including the Holy Tongue Society, buy the Slither Skates or acquire them as war booty. Special forces use them when they need to move fast on foot or divide a target with a sharp bladed kick.

The Slither Skates are powered by the חלק shoresh root and broader family, which govern slithering, slipperiness, smoothness, skating, gliding, fields, agriculture, stumbling, division, water hoses, buying, war booty, conquest, ignition, particles and more.

(Note: This drawing was published Oct. 30 on social media like Instagram.)


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