Inktober Day 4: Socialist Sorcery Scholar (Knot)

Imagine a parody that ties together fictional magicians and peace-preaching rock stars, and you’ll have something close to the Socialist Sorcery Scholars.

In the “Milhamah” world, this scholar and his like-minded comrades have joined a secret society to author books on how the forbidden art of knot magic can supposedly unite the world. They use rope, strings, scarves — and sometimes even serpents — to bind their enemies and loosen “The People’s” power. Together, they obsessively practice for hours till they get bruises, welts and scarring.

Much of the public is fascinated by these gnarled gurus, with their lectures on friendship, equality and community. But the sorcerers have allied with the Bavel Macrostructure in destroying the land of ‘Aravot, since the latter’s breakaway independence threatens the dream of global oneness.

The character idea comes from the חבר shoresh root, which governs friendship, society, socialism, knot magic, connections, scholars, treatise writing and more.


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