Inktober Day 5: Wagerin’ Raven

The Wagerin' Raven has luck on his side.

INKTOBER DAY 5 (RAVEN): When the sun goes down, the Wagerin’ Raven lives for the nightlife!

You can bet on seeing this bird gambling with ruffians and sinners in the Wild West plains of ‘Aravot. While some Holy Tongue Society members despise these birds for polluting their pristine Promised Land, the territory’s leader, ‘Aravah ‘Ivrit, is more lenient, letting them stick around for good luck.

But beware: While these ravens are friendly enough during a winning streak, they get ferocious when they lose!

The Wagerin’ Raven is based on the ערב shoresh root and its broader family, which govern ravens, the wilderness, the west, sundown and evening, betting, transgression, contamination, pleasantness and fury!

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