Inktober Day 6: Ruaḥ Wind Spirit

The ruah is a wind spirit.
INKTOBER DAY 6 (SPIRIT): A Ruaḥ (pl. Ruḥot) is a Kind (species) of wind spirit in the world of Avgad. When these spirits wish to take shape, they can materialize a wider human-sized form with pale, spongy skin; large cloudy eyes; and linen wrappings. Because the species name “Ruaḥ” is grammatically both masculine and feminine, these spirits may take on a mix of those characteristics depending on time or conditions.

Ruḥot float in the air and command wind speed or direction, often by using large fans to erode targets. They can distort their density and the space around them, which lets them teleport or diffuse into moire patterns.

Among their other quirks, Ruḥot have a keen sense of smell and communicate through odors.

They are often intelligent, courageous spirits with high morale. They run the gamut between good and evil. Good ones smell like basil and bring relief and profit to people wherever they go. Evil ones take on a greenish tint, stink like rotting wood, and spread an ill wind of decay.

Ruḥot societies like to settle on high mountaintops to be closer to the skies. Over there, they form cities of obelisk-style buildings and run profitable businesses selling stone. Other societies often envy and accuse Ruḥot of being too successful by using air and space powers to their unfair advantage.

The species comes from the רוח shoresh root and its broader family, which deals with wind, spirits, paleness, linens, smells space, profit and more.


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