Inktober Day 8: ‘Irin Urban Watcher

The 'Irin Urban Watchers are creeps.

INKTOBER DAY 8 (WATCH): If you’re out for a night on the town, watch out for the ‘Irin Urban Watchers!

The Watchers, known as ‘Irin in Hebrew/Aramaic or Grigori in Greek, are angels who watch over humans. And this particular urban kind is fallen. In the extrabiblical book of Enoch (and some people’s interpretations of Genesis), the Watchers taught forbidden knowledge, mated with human women and fathered the Nefilim that became larger-than-life warriors.

In the “Milhamah” world of Avgad, the ‘Irin Urban Watchers are lustful pickup artists who congregate in cities, stay up all night and watch out for women’s bare skin. They even take notes on what they see.

Needless to say, the Urban Watchers are irredeemably evil creeps. But beware when fighting them: They have supernatural levels of energy and agility, and rumor has it that anyone who makes direct eye contact with them becomes blind! Their only known weakness is being easily incited or led by their emotions and desires.

The Urban Watchers are based on the עור shoresh root and related family, which has to do with the Watcher angels, cities, wakefulness, skin, blindness, arousal, note taking and more.

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