Inspiration and experimentation

Last weekend I did a new experiment to see where inspiration takes me.
Lately I’ve been drafting T-shirt designs for a promotional event. While thinking of ideas, I remembered how popular online Bible verse images are, especially on Instagram.
So I wondered if there would be crossover appeal to using “Milhamah” on the side as a teaching platform. My goal is to teach a Hebrew word or two to people who might be interested.
The psalms and wisdom books are my favorite parts of the Bible, so that was the first place I looked for a passage.

Inspiration came to me through Psalm 20:4.Levav is Hebrew for "heart," and 'etzah is Hebrew for "plan."

Besides the psalms, in the future I might use other examples of poetry or do language lessons using my characters for colors, animals, etc.

Art is about experimenting. If some people like inspirational quotes or vocab words, I’ll occasionally make more and maybe even make prints or shirts. Otherwise I’ll drop the idea and devote full attention to the webcomic.

Hopefully my plans will be fulfilled!

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