The Kittim are Bavel's marines.

The Kittim serve as the Bavel Macrostructure’s marines, and they grind down and crush all in their path. These troops come from Bavel’s upper classes and are indoctrinated in Avgad’s northwest quadrant. They arguably are the most zealous, brutal faction of Bavel’s military.

As a group, the Kittim share great camaraderie, excel at tactical formations and wield meat tenderizing war hammers. While they often cannibalize supplies and technology from conquered cities, their enemies accuse them of being literal cannibals too. The Kittim deny this, insisting that they thrive on a strict diet of olives and schnitzel.

Their shoresh is כתת, which governs crushing, classes, factionalism, cannibalism, pressing olives, schnitzel, meat tenderizers and the Kittim of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

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