Leaky Steel Torch

Be careful where you aim the Leaky Steel Torch!

INKTOBER DAY 23 (LEAK): The Leaky Steel Torch may do in a pinch, but not all that glitters is gold!

This device lights up dark places and wards off creatures who hate fire and lightning. It even serves as a strong, durable club.

But this item, like so many hastily produced in wartime, also has a few drawbacks. One is its reliance on liquid fuel; the other is that it leaks said fuel, trailing a flammable drizzle wherever it goes. Get that leakage too close to heat, and you may end up singeing more than your eyebrows!

The Leaky Steel Torch comes from the דלף shoresh root family, which governs leaks, flames, glittering, torches, steel and strength.

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