Luqäs Mishqal

Luqäs Mishqal owns much of Mattanah and is the guardian of the Metrical Tree.

Luqäs Mishqal represents the linguistic noun pattern. He is the guardian of Tashqili the Metrical Tree, the source of balance and wealth in the primeval garden of Pardes. And as a result of this inheritance, he is one of Avgad’s richest men and owns much of Mattanah City. Although he once backed the ‘Ivrit Revival Movement, his devotion suddenly switched to the Bavel Macrostructure, and now he funds Beli Ya’al’s war machine.

In his spare time, Mishqal consumes a diet of soft dough, grasses, boiled veggies and unripe produce. He hopes this will add mass to his pale, wispy and underdeveloped frame. When he exercises, his body heat elevates and burns all that he touches.

Also while he is weak, his touch has the power to make light metallic objects heavy and heavy metallic objects light. This gives him rhythm and balance in combat when he fights with his scales or pitchfork.

Evaluator eye lenses scan his surroundings for insight, and his composure is normally rational and measured, with only rare outbursts. However, he tends to work slowly and fall behind in his plans.

Luqäs Mishqal gets his power from the לקש family (שקל shoresh), which governs dumbbells, weights, sheqels, lightness, heaviness, boiling, blanching, pitchforks, metrics, lateness and more.


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