Migdal Bavel (מגדל בבל)

The Migdal Bavel is the גדל domain.

The Migdal Bavel (מגדל בבל) is believed to be the unfinished remains of the original Tower of Babel ziggurat, standing around 8,150 feet tall. It is currently located just outside the boundaries of ‘Aravot’s Medinat Alef.

While the tyrannical Bavel Macrostructure is building an even larger tower (the Superstructure), it still uses the Migdal as a base and a broadcast tower to transmit brainwashing propaganda throughout Avgad. The Holy Tongue Society also believes that Bavel seeks to use such towers conquer the heavens.

The Migdal is a stronghold domain powered by the גדל shoresh root and family.

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