Moav Patriarch

The Moav Patriarch loves to cavort.

Elite patriarchs lord over the Moav Fatherland, an impoverished region dominated by ambition, drunkenness, hatred, lust and desire. These patriarchs spend their lives swilling puncheon rum, gorging on Carnal Caperberries and cavorting. While few in number, they’re married to most of the land’s women. This arouses enmity from the nation’s poor men, but the patriarchs justify the practice by claiming it’s consensual. (No one ever asks the women in Moav.)

Regardless, these marital arrangements produce plenty of sons who serve in the Bavel Macrostructure’s Moav Division. That division dreams of glory and greatness, striving to be chief among the macrostructure’s military ranks.

The Moav Patriarch gets power from the אבי shoresh family, which governs fathers, patriarchy, caperberries, puncheons, lust, will, hatred, enemies, consent and the poor.

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