Nanas Dwarf Snail Infiltrator

The Nanas Dwarf Snail Infiltrator can slither into some tight spots.

The Nanas is a dwarven Kind that dwells in the city of Mattanah. They’re famous for their skill in sifting through raw material, finding treasure and assembling new products with nanotechnology. The Bavel Macrostructure has oppressed them and forced them to manufacture goods for the Mattanah Corp. However, some have escaped and live in the sewer wells of the Qerur Icehouses, where they forage for valuable amid the wealthy elites’ garbage.

Nanas have a proud tradition of riding Dwarf Snail Infiltrators, which are able to sneak and slither into all sorts of tiny spaces. The proper Nanas uniform includes wearing a filtering strainer on the head. And their favorite traditional weapon is a whalebone with a serrated gear-like wheel of claws.

The Nanas Dwarf Snail Infiltrator gets its power from the ננס shoresh family, which governs dwarves, filtering, snails, strainers, infiltration and more.

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