NKL-4Q87 Acrocephalus

The Acrocephalus is a tricky aircraft!

Pilots of the NKL-4Q87 Acrocephalus keep their heads held high while fighting low! Based off the body of a warbler, this aircraft is capable of cunning dogfighting tricks, thanks to its conical aerodynamics.

During the Descriptivist-Prescriptivist War, the Descriptivists heavily modified this aircraft with shoresh root technology. They grafted the אשש root to give it the ability to bomb ships with incendiary bombs, and they grafted the אתר root to let the jet generate ether cloud clones. But the Prescriptivists accused the Descriptivists of using this jet for war crimes and villainy.

The NKL-4Q87 Acrocephalus is mainly based on the כלן shoresh family, which deals with warblers, cones, cunning, tricks and villainy.

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