Nun (Inktober Day 11)

Nun is the serpent fish who represents the 14th letter.

Nun is the serpent fish who is the embodiment the letter nun (נ), the 14th letter of the ‘Ivrit alphabet. He was initially one of the animals in the garden that Adam named, along with Gaml and Qop.

Based on the נון shoresh root, Nun not only represents fish but also posterity (particularly great-grandchildren). That’s why he bites on a pacifier while baby eels surround him. His candle-lit halo signifies enlightenment, and his rotting vestigal tail signifies degeneration. The paradox of the last two attributes are the hallmarks of this slippery eel who — tempting to say — appears to be more than he seems.

After Inktober I’ll turn Nun into vector art since he’ll appear in the next comic update. But for now, more B&W previews ahead!

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