Outflanking Tail Salesman

The Outflanking Tail Salesman will hit you when you least expect it.

The Outflanking Tail Salesman practices the axiom of ABC: Always back cybernetics!

With the help of his scales, this salesman weighs the odds of a great deal while selling Outflanking “Zanav” Tails. These robotic tails strap around soldiers’ hips and lock onto the enemy’s position, dispatching the target with a single slash. On the battlefield, units who outflank the enemy can use the tails to rout the rearguard.

The Outflanking Tail Salesman is powered by the בזן shoresh family, which governs salespeople, sets of scales, tails, tail straps, lining up, routing, cutting off, and attacking the rear.





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