Porṭan Mushroom Forest

The Portan Mushroom Forest portal

The Porṭan Mushroom Forest is the stomping grounds of the prominent private researcher, Shem Peraṭi. Here he invented the Porṭan Portal, which the Bavel Macrostructure stole when they seized the land.

Porṭan is a wild place. The giant, horned psychedelic mushrooms scramble common communications signals, cutting off the land from the outside world. It’s easy to get lost in this sea of leaves and fungi, and many wanderers have lost their sanity as a result. Pluck and eat the wrong berries, and you’ll fall into a stupor. Smell the wrong blossom, and you’ll die. Carnivores feast upon gazelles and the weak. And decomposing corpses feed the forest’s soil and foliage.

The Porṭan Mushroom Forest comes from the טפר shoresh family, which governs portals, mushrooms, claws, predators, carnivores, leaves, insanity, scrambling, dropped berries, death, decomposition and more.

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