The Prescriptivists are the arbiter of norms in Avgad.

The Prescriptivists were the separatists in the Descriptivist-Prescriptivist War around a generation prior to the Milhamah War.

When the Descriptivists violated the norms surrounding shoresh root research, the Prescripts decreed it that it crossed a line. So they formed into separate nations, withdrew the welcome mat, and locked the gates behind them.

The Prescripts exploited their their positions of industrial power, and their merchant ships changed course, embargoing water, energy, food, medicine and other supplies from the Descripts. This interrupted the Descripts’ research and threatened their society’s future, sparking a war.

While the Descripts control ether, the Prescripts’ speech acts control electric energy, discharging bolts of divine wrath to stop the Descriptivists’ controversial research.

The Prescripts  judge their success by abundant supplies and power. They are punctual, determined, frugal and sufficient. Despite their dour appearance, they actually are content with their abundant lifestyle.

Dressed in their rouge coats, prescripts also see themselves as the moral guardians of Avgad. Most carry a Punctuation Bible on their backs (pristine but crawling with booklice). And they are willing to judge skeptics and punish doubt, including in their own ranks.

To prove their devotion to justice, the most ardent cut off their left hands and attach a gavel on the resulting stump. This means they can no longer clap, though one hand is enough to give a vicious knockout slap to any fools in their way.

 The Prescriptivists began to lose battles when they started accusing each other of false charges. They’re based on the פסק shoresh root and family, governing normativity, supplies, determination, sufficiency, contentment, judgment and a lot of other things mentioned above.

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