Psychotic Shroom Caseworker

The Caseworker has a Tumor Rope.The Caseworker has a Tumor Rope.


The Psychotic Shroom Caseworker is the case of a hippie therapist who enjoys his stash of psychedelic leaves and mushrooms too much!

This informant for the Bavel Macrostructure poses as a minder of suspected dissidents. When he judges traitors as mental misfits, he straitjackets them with his Tumor Rope so the regime can brainwash them with hallucinogens. But because he too has overindulged in those drugs, his own brains are scrambled to the point of madness, and he risks being fired.

The Psychotic Shroom Caseworker is powered by the טפר shoresh family, which governs caseworkers, leaves, mushrooms, madness, tumors, ropes and termination.


バベルマクロ構造に関するこの情報提供者は、反体制派の容疑者の補佐官を装っています。 彼が裏切り者を精神的な不適合と判断するとき、彼は彼の腫瘍ロープで彼らを拘束し、政権が幻覚剤で彼らを洗脳できるようにします。 しかし、彼もそれらの薬を使いすぎているので、彼自身の脳は狂気の点までスクランブルされており、彼は解雇される危険があります。

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