Qof needles the opposition

Qof is a crazy monkey with a needle axe. Nothing can go wrong there.

Perhaps a camel can’t go through the eye of a needle, but can a “qof” monkey like Qop?

In Milhamah, Qop is the representative of the letter qof (ק), which is basically the letter Q in our alphabet. He’s a crazy ape who vibrates dizzily to loud music all day while pretending to be Adam’s big-shot producer in the Garden of Eden. His real job is to extract special shoresh roots from the earth with the eye of his giant needle, which can convert into an ax if necessary. His attributes are based on the shoresh root קוף and its larger family.

Comic and game updates

First of all, I apologize for not updating in awhile. I promise that I haven’t been lazy — just creatively pulled in a few different directions!

  • The RPG is gradually taking shape. New skills are up, as well as encumbrance rules. More rules will be posted soon, with a goal of having a workable rough draft by the year’s end. I’d like to publish a rulebook on paper by the late spring or summer 2021.
  • Behind the scenes, I’ve been doing tons of research on Hebrew shoresh roots and have used my programming skills to dig up stuff that most people couldn’t feasibly access by themselves. That info will guide how I devise the shoresh system in the RPG, the video games and the comics too. I’ll make a long blog post on it when my research is done.
  • I bought some manda brush pens, as I plan to do some quick B&W ink sketches of main characters and enemies for Inktober. Additionally, I’ve been planning ideas for Inktober sketches. They will help me visualize some ideas for the issue or two ahead. While I can’t promise I’ll get 31 done, I’ll show you whatever I can finish!
  • Thanks to some tutorials, I’ve been digging deep into the Godot game engine to learn how to program bigger projects. I’ve been independently working on an arcade game that features Shem vs. the Guf soldiers. My goal is to run a YouTube gamedev log in two weeks that shows my initial progress. Hopefully a public testing in six weeks!
  • Lastly, the comic is continuing bit by bit. I’ve started to sketch out the next character to appear — the serpent fish Nun!

I can’t wait to reveal more. Expect at least one more update this month!

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