Qoren Maqor (Inktober Day 18)

Maqor is the infinitive.

Qoren Maqor, the infinitive, was born and raised in the Bavel city of Qir. While he isn’t known for his smarts (and rumor says he has spider webs in his brain), he has an original knack for construction. In particular, he once produced the bitumen for the walls on Bavel’s famous Midgal Tower.

During his work, he became friends with Pelë Po’al, and the two fled together to ‘Ivrit when they had enough of the Macrostructure’s oppression. He now helps the Holy Tongue Society by sharing his secret knowledge of Bavel’s building blueprints.

Maqor’s combat skills come from the קור shoresh root and related family. The hole in his stomach is a void that can vacuum objects in like a black hole. It also can act like a blowhole, shooting a water jet. A geyser fountain also may blast from his helmet. And he wields a rock chisel as a sword and a brick wall for a shield.

All in all, Maqor is known to be a genuine, authentic soul. He’s also an eligible bachelor, which he makes clear to every lady in his path!


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