Refesh Mispar (Inktober Day 4)

Sappir Mispar is the numeral.

Refesh Mispar, the numeral of the Holy Tongue Society, finally gets an introduction due to Inktober!

Mispar is a core member of Ḥeleq and a renowned scholar with a insatiable thirst for the truth. His powers are based on the ספר shoresh root as well as its broader root family.

Unlike the other Society members, who are based on words, Mispar is based on numbers. He has an indirect way of attacking — he analyzes a target’s gematria number and then makes digital attacks to match that number.

Mispar lugs around a heavy bookbag to hold all his reference texts. He also uses giant sapphire shears to cleave his targets in twain. And despite his pride in his own brainpower, he is even more vain about his hair. Given his habit of telling long, boring tales, it’s not surprising that he’s unlucky with love…

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