Retro-style game devlog #1: The fight is on!

Work on our retro-style “Milhamah” action RPG series is progressing, and we just released our first full devlog on YouTube.

Following the recent release of Godot 4.0, Aksanyah Studios introduces a WIP look at its retro-style, action RPG video game, “Milhamah: Fighting Words.” It’s based on a comic series where the grammatical parts of speech fight an apocalyptic war against the ultimate Tower of Babel. In this devlog, we describe our vision and showcase what we’ve done so far using tools like Godot, Aseprite, FL Studio and more. We also describe some upcoming challenges and what you can expect next.

We’re already well on our way toward adding enough new game mechanic features to do a second video, which will focus on a unique physics system in our game. But in the meantime, if you like what you see, subscribe and join us on our journey!

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