Slow Sweeping Specter

The Slow Sweeping Specter takes its time.Slow Sweeping Specter (B&W)

Don’t get stuck behind the Slow Sweeping Specter in traffic!

This evil monster is based on an Akkadian zombie vampire ghost. It haunts the city of Mattanah and does personal surveillance work for the Bavel Macrostructure.

To become fireproof in a city of crazed arsonists, the specter tried to become a magician but only learned to fly a broom.  So instead, it ingests toxic chemicals that repel fire while slowing down its reflexes.

As a result, the specter is incompetent and late for almost everything — unless it catches people in its broom’s deceleration dust, which will sap their mobility as well.

The Slow Sweeping Specter is based on the אטט shoresh family, which deals with slowness, magicians, sweeping, brooms, ghosts and more.

Type: Spirit, Shed
Shoresh: אטט
Gematria: 19




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